After Abuse – 70

Emma, having survived Ethan, was more than prepared for the various discomforts, provocations, tricks he would employ.  She arrived in his city in a totally positive mind frame.

When Emma lived with Ethan, she had trouble waking early.  This is why he had insured a late night flight so she would arrive at dawn.  He expected her to behave grumpy and annoyed having been sleepless for so many hours.

Emma wasn’t.

She had begun waking early as it had become convenient.  Rising at 6 am she had engaged in physical activity so that she was tired, and took a nice nap at 2 pm.  She woke at nearly 8 pm, ate and relaxed, and her Taxi came just before midnight.

She reached the airport, boarded, and relaxed, so that taking off at 2 am and landing at 6 am was not a disruption at all.

The next day, early, he took her to an office and her case had to be dealt with at another office. She showed no discomfort or anger or seemed aware that Ethan was trying to provoke her.

It was clear he was trying to get a rise out of her, but couldn’t.


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Written by jaylar


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