After Abuse – 47

The abuse of parents by children is one of the most difficult to recognise.  Excuses are offered, the idea that the child may be too young to understand or, in the case of adult children,  have some logical and acceptable reason to behave this way clouds reality.

There are children whose minds have been poisoned against a parent or parents by a third party.  The infamous ‘evil nanny’  is not a myth.

Parents who are aware of the possibility tend not to have a nanny;  they will have different persons in the child’s life when they can’t be there.  Some will put a child in a creche or day care to avoid having that one person exercise too much influence.

Reality is that when a child is made to believe the ‘nanny’ loves them more than their parents, and aligns with that nanny the power to control that child’s mind can and does last into adulthood.


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Written by jaylar


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