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5 Easy weight lose tips

The weight loss is totally depends on some following rules and maintain some diet plan. Here i added 5 easy weight lose tips which may help you.

1. Drink Water, Especially Before Meals:- It is true that drinking water can help with weight loss. 24-30% metabolism can boost by drinking water in period of 1-1.5 hours. This help you burn few more calories.

2. Eat Eggs For Breakfast:- Eating whole eggs have benefits of you lose weight. Studies show that Breakfast based on grain with eggs can help you eat less calories for the next 36 hours which help lose weight

3. Drink Coffee:- Quality coffee contains antioxidants. Studies show that 3-11% of metabolism can boost by caffeine which burns fat up to 10-29%.

4. Drink Green Tea:-  Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, but it is also loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are also believed to work synergistically with the caffeine to enhance fat burning.

5. Use Smaller Plates:- Seems like Weird trick!!, but it works.This trick help people eat less and thus help to lose weight.


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Written by hossen


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