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5 Benefits of Tomato for your Health

Tomatoes are known worldwide in every household. Tomato is a fruit due to its structure, but it is considered as a vegetable in many parts of the world. A lot of people may not like tomatoes. But, they may not know the benefits of it for their health.

Here are the five benefits of tomato for your health:

1. Protection against Cancer: Tomatoes contain Lycopene that can be responsible for the anticancer, as studies show that tomato is a substance to prevent the spread of certain types of Cancer cells.

2. Organize Blood Pressure: Lycopene in tomatoes is also shown to reduce blood pressure. Potassium in tomatoes regulates fluids and maintains mineral balance.

3. Improve skin and helps maintain healthy hair: Tomato antioxidants, especially Lycopene, are resistant to cellular damage and inflammation of the skin. Tomatoes help cure the large pores, acne treatments, sunburn and dull skin.

4. Helps during Pregnancy: Vitamin C is one of the nutrients in any woman during pregnancy to keep herself and her child healthy. Tomatoes are good source to have healthy bones, teeth as well as gums.

5. Clear Vision: Tomato is rich in Vitamin A. So, it is good for the eyes since the retina of the eyes relies on vitamin A. Having low levels of vitamins can cause blindness.


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