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4 Benefits of Almond Powder for your Health

Many people love almonds because it tastes good and is a gluten free food, so it is used as a low carbohydrate diet food. Besides being consumed by roasting, almonds are also used as powder. The almond milk or flour contains more than 100% of your daily vitamin E needs.

1. Maintaining Heart Health:

More than 65% of the fat content in almond is good fat which is good for lowering high cholesterol so that heart health can be maintained thoroughly. The scientists also say that almond powder is very good for reducing the risk of coronary heart disease by keeping blood vessels in a healthy state. By consuming 50 grams of almond flour every day and done regularly for a month, you can maintain the health of your heart.

2. Prevent cancer:

Almond powder is also known to be very good for preventing several cancer cells such as colon cancer. In addition, consuming almond powder regularly can reduce the risk of other cancers because the content of healthy fats high in almonds is closely related to the ability to avoid cancer that it is used as a food for cancer solutions.

3. Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics:

In a study, it was proven that almond powder would reduce postprandial glycemia or blood glucose levels after consuming food, oxidative damage and insulin. Almond powder is one of the smart choices to consume in preventing diabetes while reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and high cholesterol.

4. Overcoming Obesity:

For those of you who are obese or overweight, consuming low-calorie foods such as almond powder is very good for losing weight. A low-calorie diet using almond powder will overcome the problem of obesity associated with metabolic syndrome.


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