Drone Footage Reveals How Big The Volkswagen Scandal Is

Volkswagen has had trouble with their products in America lately. The scandals related to this company have had a huge impact on them. After the shocking TDI diesel scandal, they have started to buy back the bought cars from the customers. That is lots of cars indeed. So,they have to be stored somewhere. A youtuber has discovered one the many places where all the faulty Volkswagen cars are gathered. It is located in Pontiac’s abandoned  Silverdome, which was once the home of the Detroit Lions. The Silverdome was closed back in 2006, before re-opening again for a short time. Since then, it has become a massive storage for these unlucky VW cars. We can see that there are hundreds of them.

The size of this massive parking lot says a lot about the size of the scandal that shook Volkswagen. This drone footage reveals The number of cars these is still not known. And their destiny is not clear also. If the proper modifications are not done, these will be recycled. The city of Pontiac has sued the Silverdome for not asking for approval for storing this huge number of cars.

Take a look at this amazing video, where you will see hundreds of Volkswagen cars from the bird point of view!


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