Car Appt This AM

Saturday, 3.14.20

I woke up early to get ready for an car appointment at the car dealers. I recently received a postcard notice about a recall for my VW Beetle (2012). And, I didn’t go to service last year, due to annoying humidity that was making me feel sick. Plus, I also needed someone to place the leopard-print steering wheel cover that I found in my late mother’s garage. I couldn’t figure out how to put it on. So, I drove out early for an 8:40am appointment because it is very peaceful and quiet that early on a weekend, and less idiots driving around. I arrived their fast, earlier than my appointment. I noticed some customers took a shuttle to go elsewhere until their car issues is fixed. I preferred to stay in the waiting room, reading magazines, internet surfing, and blogging. It is now 9:21am as I blog this post. I noticed the waiting room has a new espresso/hot cocoa machine for its customers. While blogging, I decided to hydrate myself as I wait. I feel like I came for a doctor’s appointment for my car–my other kid, besides my cat, the yellow New Beetle. 

I also it didn’t rain this morning, unlike what was forcasted. So, I am assuming the rain will be during the afternoon and/or evenings and nighttime. The weather forecast was off, stating there was mostly morning showers and maybe some rain at night. 


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