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A Lyft driver gets a helping hand from a stranger in Florida

If there is one thing that I admire of some Chief Operations Officers (COO) around the world is that heart of compassion to assist a person who has suffered a tragic event and then doing what they can to assist the robbery victim get back on their feet as soon as they can.

John Cooksey who is the COO of McCall Pest Control did his part to ease the pain of a Lyft driver named Jessie who has his auto stolen from him when he stopped at a Speedway gasoline station in Jacksonville Florida last month by the passenger in which Jesse was doing him a favor by giving him a ride to his destination.

Cooksey was driving his auto on Interstate 10 when he noticed Jesse walking on the side of the road trying to get to his home after his auto was stolen by the ungrateful passenger. Cooksey decided to assist Jesse get to his home.

During the time between picking up Jesse and getting him home, he discovered that Jesse is a hard working man that cares to provide for his family by working as a Lyft driver.

Cooksey decided to donate to Jesse free of charge a used 2010 Chevrolet Impala to replace the auto that was stolen.

The Jacksonville police are looking for the thief who stole Jesse’s auto after the report of the robbery was delivered to them by Jesse.

It is nice to see that someone who has an executive position with a company such as McCall Pest Control or any other company due to their part to assist citizens in need without making a huge deal in the press to improve their corporate America image.  


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