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A former homeless man finds happiness as a bus driver

in Pat Lawson, 50, who is a father of three children is one person who is living proof of that with the right people guiding him, he overcame his former life as a homeless man to one of the popular bus drivers in London England.

Lawson while he was in a hospital after he was beaten by thugs 16 months ago made him realize that he needed to change his lifestyle around from living a lifestyle that would have ended his life and not being around to watch his children grow up when he met some volunteers from the Single Homeless Project who took a chance on Pat that he could find a purpose in life that would be a benefit not only for himself, he could also make other people happy with his positive view of being thankful what he has to offer to people that he meets.

Pat found during his time working with the Single Homeless Project that he gained confidence driving a bus in the city of London which changed his life from being in the lower rung of the life ladder to something that would give his life some much needed confidence so he could look forward to serving others which is the key ingredient to have a happy life.

A life lesson that we all learn is that if any of us are good at something we are good at like writing, driving a bus among other lines of work your confidence will shine like a lighthouse near a body of water.

Pat started his new job of being the bus driver of Bus 26 in March 2017 that travels from Hackney Wick to Waterloo in London where Pat greets all of his passengers with a cheerful hello and a smile which has gained him a lot of fans due to his kind spirit that creates a very good world for all of us to live in.

There is an old saying in life that goes “It is not how you start in life. It is how you finish.” My wish would be that charities like the Single Homeless Project would be used around the world to give people who are at the bottom of the rung in the ladder of life to be able to find happiness in life doing something that we all love doing.


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