The Importance of Headlight Restoration in Keeping You and Your Family Safe!

With the modernization of headlights, the auto industry has turned to plastic materials instead of traditional glass.  Consequently, many people find themselves with the problem of hazy and discolored headlights.  This can cause safety hazards galore, impairing your ability to see clearly when driving.  Today’s headlights are most commonly made from polycarbonate plastic which is functionally strong, but also extremely porous, leading to the most common issue of hazy headlights.  Thus, making headlight restoration a necessary investment.

Why Do My Headlights Become Hazy?

Many people may wonder why their headlights get hazy in the first place.  Wear and tear overtime, including UV Rays, acid rain, salt and other muck from the road contribute to cloudy, yellowing headlights.  Since your headlights are forward facing and sit only slightly above the road they are constantly plummeted with rock, sand, and debris from the road and other vehicles.  The debris mix with oil from the road, slowly forming pits on your headlights.  Due to the pitting, that nasty oil and dirt can make its residence inside your lights permanently.  Over the course of time, this erosion gets worse and worse, eventually taking away the outside layer of your light, giving it that hazy appearance.  At first it may appear to be minimally hazy, but as more time passes by erosion leads to serious impairment to your lights.

Don’t Let This Small Problem Become a Safety Hazard

When your headlights become seriously damaged, it can make driving at night hazardous as little light is able to infiltrate.  This can make it difficult to see the road and other drivers clearly.  Statistically, your light projection can be minimized to 70% or less by compromised headlights.  Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but also others who may not be able to clearly see you on the road.  Not to mention, cloudy headlights can also make your vehicle looked aged and unattractive on top of compromising your safety.  Hence, it is important to consider if restoration could be the perfect solution.

Is Restoration the Right Choice for Me?

Many people put off dealing with foggy headlights as to avoid the financial strain of a total replacement.  Therefore, restoration can be a great solution; it is a very economical way to fix this problem for a fraction of the cost of full replacement.  For most cases, headlights can be easily restored as the outer layer is generally the only part damaged.

How Does the Restoration Process Work?

Hazy headlights can be restored through either a chemical or sanding method.  Wet sanding is often a great choice as it removes the damage caused by oxidation, as well as scratches.  This allows the headlight to appear like new.  Additionally, the process will include a good cleaning and polishing as a final step of the restoration.  The process will be finished up with a good sealing to prevent oxidation from immediately occurring again.  It will be crucial that the sealing process is done correctly to ensure a long-lasting quality result.

Routine Maintenance

After investing in a headlight restoration, you can take steps to maintain the quality of your headlights for years to come.  Be sure to take time each month to apply a coating of car wax on your headlights.  This protective barrier can prevent debris from sticking and eroding the plastic.  Thus, your headlights will stay clear for much longer!

Be sure to take your headlights seriously.  Give yourself peace of mind and allow the professionals to restore your headlights, ensuring your safety on the road!


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Written by Kevin Gomez


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