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Wood Duck Watercolor

Wood Duck Watercolor

I painted this a long time ago.   I liked using lots of color and sometimes more thick paint than was needed for watercolor.  But at the time I was rather a beginner and I didn’t see what the problem was.  The paint comes in a tube and you mix with water to create watercolor.  If you don’t add very much water you get some really thick pure pigment.  And why not?  The paper can handle it.  What I didn’t know is that some bugs love this paint.  I later discovered that the thickness of the paint in areas was attracting bugs on hot summer days.  Some of them got under the frame and literally ATE the paint off the paper.  See the whitish area in the lower left corner.  That green paint was eaten off the paper.  Who knew?


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    • Apparently for some bugs it can. It can also be poison. I remember finding out that some yellows and orange paints are made from arsenic… which means if my husband passes under suspicious circumstances, I will be in trouble.

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