WIP for Sakura Fubuki

Some pieces require special effects to pull off correctly, so I have to learn new techniques in order to get the desired result. I decided to do this piece so that I could learn how to do a motion blur…

The title of this piece and incidentally, the name of her attack translates loosely as “cherry blossom blizzard” and today we’ll focus on the postwork techniques that I’m using on the final.

#1 work in progress

Most important is the motion blur; while the effect is actually done in-render, it still counts as post processing as it will be rendered alone. The angle of her arm indicates an underhand throw but that doesn't look right so I'm going to have to reverse the spin direction so it looks more pleasing to the eye (although it will be technically incorrect)

Special thanks to Fukufuku for helping with the title ^_^

#3 torii and sakura

Whenever possible, I like to let the source material dictate my creative decisions. I wanted to introduce a motion blur to the petals as well, and since bokeh effects are featured prominently in bishojo manga I decided to try an iris blur with bokeh enabled. It's nice but I don't think it suits this particular piece. I'll most likely go with a tilt-shift effect instead...


What do you think?


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