How To Use Variety of Colored Pencils for Different Effects

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

As I work on another page for my graphic novel, I notice the different colored pencils I have. For school, Prismacolor colored pencils was used. For UCI’s fine arts courses, I was told to buy Sanford Prismacolor, while I was told to get Berol Prismacolor for Platt College graphic design classes. I took some old colored pencils from my brother— Berol Verithin and Faber Castell. I also bought some Artist’s Loft colored pencils in metallic and neon colors as well as my old Crayola colored pencils in basic primary colors.

As I use all these different pencils now, I realize they all work together well because they create different effects, in which I use for different areas in a particular drawing. But I have noticed that Prismacolor pencils tend to be very delicate and soft, in which they tend to break easily if you aren’t careful. I am learning to deal with these pencils because I like its moist and bold colors, which are perfect for big areas that need to be colored.

  1. Sanford Prismacolor colored pencil is bold, soft, and moist. I mostly use these pencils for big spaces, especially when I don’t want to leave any white space as well as I like to darken the outlines.
  2. Berol Prismacolor is more controllable because it is not as moist and bold. It creates good texture for shading, from dark to light, in which I often use to fill in the center of an outlined section.
  3. Berol Verithin is very clean and crisp, and it is also good for shading. But the good thing about these pencils is that they don’t break easily and you can make very shape point in order to color very small areas as well as shading very small areas without smearing and getting messy. It can still make bold colors as well as light shades, but it is more controllable than Berol Prismacolor. But I don’t think it is good for color large spaces that need to get filled because it will take forever. It is kind of dry, not soft and moist like Prismacolor.
  4. FaberCastell is even more clean and crisp than Berol Verithin. This one is also perfect for color small areas because you can sharpen the pencils to a fine point without breaking the tip.
  5. Artist’s Loft is similar to Berol Verithin.
  6. Crayola pencils have a soft effect, and I like using them for background areas when I don’t want to leave any white space and I want to color in the back in a muted color. Prismacolor would be too dark and bold to do the background, and it would probably end up being messy.
  7. I also have new color pencils, Prang, that I haven’t used yet because I don’t need it yet. These pencils are said to be good for blending and making fine lines. I had bought these new ones because some of my Prismacolor pencils from school are getting small from too much sharpening. So, I might use these toward the end of my graphic novel.

I like organizing my art tools in baskets, placed in a cart that I can move around. Although I also go inside my small studio to draw on my art desk.


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