Turning The Tip Of A Pencil Into Art Sounds Outlandish!Must see

It is a true fact that art goes beyond the borders sometimes.The creativity of the artists is the thing that gets it all going. If you thought that creating art with pencils can only be done with drawing, you are so wrong. The tip of the pencil can be turned into fascinating sculptures.

The art of pencil microsculpture

This kind of art is called pencil microsculpture. It is unbelievable to see so tiny creations that look so realistic. A tiny thing such as a pencil tip can be enough for the artist to work with. It just takes time, skill and the most important-patience. Carving the graphite tip is probably a difficult thing to do. Turning it into violin, rose, animal or a building sounds impossible. And the most amazing part are the details. You will see so detailed sculptures, that will make you wonder if it is really microscopic. If this sounds crazy, then prepare for the next: you will see a pencil microscilpture of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump! Isn’t that incredible? And for the fans of Game of Thrones, this is a real hit. The characters are also carved out of pencil tip.

If you still don’t believe this, take a look at this astonishing gallery of pencil microsculpture creations! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite one!


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