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Travel Dreams: Graphic Design

Hello everyone,

I decided to share this travel piece that I created.  I used Gimp, as per usual, like I said before it is my go to art program.

The art piece tells a story (at least I hope it does) about a girl who is dreaming of traveling.  She doesn’t know how she’ll get there (that’s why there is a train and an airplane) but she wants to go somewhere.  I am not sure where she even wants to go, I guess that is up for the viewer to decide.

I made the background different than my normal gradient rather than use the same thing over and over again. A change up is nice occasionally, do you agree? I also added some light streaks to add a little extra to the background.

This definitely was fun to create. I had a story in mind when creating this piece rather than my usual putting the brushes together to create something that looks nice. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you for your time!


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