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‘Slaves to the rhythms’

He, she

You and me,

We only human…

We’re no weaker

than our greatest strengths

And only as strong

as our greatest achievement…

Restrictions within the walls

For cause and effect,

Their blend of fact and fiction

Every system teaches

it is noble to be brave

And that only the strong survive,

But in the game of life

It is the cunning who continue…

For every win someone must fail

To stimulate the mind of a child

they say competition is healthy,

‘Run – run

you’re running out of time’

But then what is the cure

for the addiction?

To what avail

after their ego swells?

Is depression not waiting at the door

When another smarter, stronger

and better zaps away the crown?

Around the cycle of life

Is it or is it not

The curse of mankind that –

Not many will have a second chance

to repeat, compete and complete…

Though nothing stays the same

Perspective sees what it sees

through these ever changing times,

While we’re dancing to the ‘rhythms’

It is believed

that the Earth gets angered

When she hears the blood of innocence

desperately crying out for justice


When the plans of man

opposes the harmony of nature

Mother nature she rebels

in multiples of 3’s and 7’s…


So much tragedy,

ours – theirs – his and hers,

Pride and prejudice

By far could be

the greatest tragedy of humanity,

The rise and fall of it all

In the end

Who wins?…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil


What do you think?

Written by Bradley Tremmil


    • This is such a relevant piece that I’ve held back for a while. This is the correct time to release it. It still shakes me up when I read it too much.
      As a reader, if I didn’t know better I’d say the writer was depressed. If only they knew that he’s just smiling to himself, watching and listening…