The Stylistic adventure of reminding one’s memory

People are doing things in a different manner. The rather mundane activities in everyday life seem to be  undergoing a change in the ways they are done. Strange and bizarre to some people. Perhaps technology is changing the way these creatures are doing things which is nothing to worry about in the end. Hopefully.

This is a water color on paper work. 46 x 61 com.


What do you think?

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      • Do not worry. I rather like your response. A sanitized explanation to everything these days is very appropriate as the world today uses computers, cellphones, tablets to communicate instead of meeting face to face and shaking hands, the world today uses every excuses to clean up their act whether artificially or mechanically instead of getting down and dirty, the world and its people today are sanitizing themselves and their environment with soaps, cleansers, astringents which destroys the natural ability to fight infection and the like. At least that is how I interpret your saying. Sorry about the long response but I felt like talking this morning.


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