The streets of a Sad planet

So long we walk

the streets of a Sad planet

Let kindness bring

the Children of a planet

called Earth back Home

respect and love

bring hope from Afar

Gather the good men

and books of wisdom

from the Ruins

of Rome


A book…a look

at the greed

and envy of small leaders

Who lust to own

all the wealth of man

Until the humble wise

surprise at the Size

of joy and goodness

to all who Can

walk into the golden

portals available

on hill sea and Sand

hall available.


What do you think?


Written by Johndavisnearby

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  1. To Gil Camporazo: Thank you for the kind compliment. On Joy. Please understand that that I constantly lose my self on a computer page because of AHDH. I forget my position and start over and over again. But the words in my mind are blessed lit sometimes a page ahead mentally because my long term memory for History, astronomy for things learned from age six are a gift form above and a blessing of love. I am over 80 years old but vocabulary understanding get better with Time.

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