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The Humanities

Humanities a series of courses that I had to take in my Freshman and Sophomore years in college. This is also known as Western Civilizations in other colleges.  These courses were survey courses starting with prehistory to the 20th century in the areas of art/architecture, history, literature, politics and government..

H is for history 

U is for understanding various ideas and the relationships between 

M is for music

A is for architecture presented

N is for nature and national policies,

I is for intense ideas shared and learned

T is for teachable moments, again

I is for intuition of previous generations

E is for edification of learning for the past, present and the future

S is for satisfaction of learning from the past and present to give to the future.


What do you think?


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  1. The start of many more dealing with this subject area. I am trying to write one on ‘The Transfiguration’. The humanities have a lot of areas for writing and learning about writing in general.


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