Some Characters in Movies

Some drawings of mine in various mediums of characters on films. Momentaries studies, trying to work out some sort of puzzle because I can relate to the images.

I’ve read “Lord of the rings” several times and later on watched the movie by Peter Jackson. The movie was not entirely true to the book. I believe that the story of the “Hobbit” should have been shown first. Then the story makes sense. As I have read it in order, I understand the story and the plot.

Then there are other stories, and the characters drawn here.

Saruman the White

A great wizard who completely lost the plot of using his talents for the good for greed and lust for power. That power was corrupted by evil. 

Many great man are tempted and fall prey to their own lusts, which destroys them.

Pen & Ink


Preparing his armour and himself for battle. Pen & Ink

Jack Sparrow

In Pirates of the Caribbean. The first episode was great but after wards it got later I lost the plot.  Pencil drawing

Luke Sky walker

In star wars as a young man. Pen & Ink

Gandalf the Grey from JRR Tolkein

Gandalf smoking his pipe and producing glorious smoke rings. Pen & Ink

Gaius of Merlin

Merlin's friend. Pastel

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