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Serendipity and Diversity

S is for special time,

E is for elicit,

R is for restful,

E is for energy gained,

N is for nice,

D is for dainty at times as well, depending,

I is for intensity,

P is for problematic at times, depending,

I is for invasive when needed,

T is for timely,

Y is for yearning.


D is for direct,

I is for information there about,

V is for variety,

E is for educating,

R is for restructuring ideas,

S is for study,

I is for integrity,

T is for timeliness of ideas,

Y is for yearning to learn more about others in various situations occurring.

              This wordplay I am not too sure about but I think it is close at some points.


What do you think?


Written by 1Mark

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