September In Rome

Here I sit, in this strange mad city, Rome

Filled with ruins, history, scalding sun,

Painted basilica and vast volcanic places,

Lakes, where rumour has it, murderers leave their victims

In bottomless pitches of interminable cave.

But, up here, palm, light, flowery, starry,

What a mad world.

Holidaying Italy thinks time’s a villain,

But put him behind a wheel, and he hasn’t got any! time!

What impatience! He’ll hoot life to a blind screech over hot stones

In thrusting hate. But lie back, here, here,

With near September hills sandy-green lovely,

Graceful trees opening eyes to implacable beauty

In lovely descents under chestnut laky skies.

Here, a happy lover of beauty must adore

Despite deceit, violence, scurrility.

Here, opening the ready soul to summery rapture,

An Englishman can in Rome’s “high summer”

Autumn through and through.

(from “The Light Of Day (I)”)


What do you think?


Written by Jonathan Finch

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