Sepia Days

If you become so sluggish.You can not laugh.I walked around a school where no one was there.Do not let it get blown by the wind. The photos laughed innocently. I will fade away. There is still a wind blowing there. Tears can not stop. The trace of the day passed by. Only the scene will remain forever. Even when I was joking. I want to see with this eye properly. I can not meet you anymore. The same dream chaseed far away. Sepia’s Day forever. Shining and treasure of two people. At dusk station home. Rumble and the bell echoes. Without reaching even small nods. To be lonely. When I try to make it a word. Why is it gone soon?Very important and irreplaceable. I know I can not say it even though I know it. Open the door of your heart seeking something. The sky I looked up over with anxiety. Believe in your power as you are. Let’s go find a new season. I can not meet you anymore. I will head to the next stage. Sepia’s Day Goodbye. I will not forget to wiggle big. Pushed by the wind of the sunset. The train slowly starts to move. Someday to this place. Let’s return to Sepia’s day and summer.


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Written by seriopscual


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