Always be able to stop throwing away things like stopping.I will decide the last of the battle. A dream without dying without dying. I swear to you now save your back, I’ll protect you with these two hands. So go ahead to the goal that does not turn around behind! Save your back. The last area not to give up. Believe your power at that moment of bumping. No matter how much you ask for it alone you can not grasp your dream. I had enough heat to hurt. Feelings of that time too young. Even if the possibility of final catch breaking this wall is zero. The body will face up to decay. Final catch. The last Messiah in the wilderness. I do not need praying. Call up miracles my soul! For example, even this pain. I will change it to the burning strength to the sky. The last area not to give upBelieve your power at that moment of bumping.


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Written by seriopscual

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