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Saturdays Critters – Art On The Fly

Art On The Fly – the Series   –   © 2019 – Howard Faxon

One day when it was raining I decided to practice extreme close up pictures of flies. They are difficult subjects that are hard to catch being still; but, I like a challenge. I had started taking close ups of the insects in my yard in order to identify them without having to harm them. It is nearly impossible to look up an insect and correctly identify it from memory. So I set out to practice on flies.

After a while I decided to make a series of these fly pictures and call it “Art On The Fly”. I tried to get as many varied and artful pictures of flies as I could. I tried to show that these flies are beautiful creatures. Perhaps people dislike them so much because they have not seen them really. The goal of the series was to show beautiful photographs or portraits of the frequently maligned insect.

Another of ‘Saturday’s Critters’ is this common housefly. Is it not a beautiful member of the animal family? And, worthy of a portrait?  I present to you “Art On The Fly”.

What do you think?

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