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Sanrio Weapons Division collection

In a dystopian future, after the collapse of governments, the world will be ruled by megacorporations.  One of them will be Sanrio, and this post showcases their weapons division. Look for it in a brave new world, coming soon to a war theater near you…

#1 Sanrio Type IX .338mm sniper rifle

Here is the Sanrio Type IX .338mm - undisputed king of sniper rifles. The merchandising arm of Sanrio is peerless and makes Disney look like a bunch of amateurs but I have yet to see any Hello Kitty weaponry. I think that Sanrio is missing out on a huge opportunity and it is really the last market for them to corner, so keep your eye out for that and remember that I called it first

#2 Sanrio HP combat suits

Introducing the Sanrio high performance body armor suits, mark I and II; a lightweight elastic armor that will protect the loyal customer from a wide range of projectiles, along with most acids and bases. Impact resistant up to 22MPH

Okay, yes I am having a go at Sanrio but under no circumstances does this post mean to defame or otherwise damage their ubiquitous brand. If anything, I must admire Sanrio for their success. They are branding masterminds who have diversified so much that they now have their own airline


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  1. This is a lotta action. For a minute I thought I was looking at ‘dread light district’ These soldiers have their own kinda weapons of ‘mass’ destruction.
    Hahaha…just kidding. I like the concept.