A range of Acrylic Paintings by me

Just a range of paintings and I would like your opinion of them. Went to an Art Gallery for a proposal of a future exhibition.

Well, they want to keep the painting prices low, charge $700.00 NZ for a month, plus 35% commission and a few extra expenses for the opening day.

To be honest the price of the exhibition outweighs the money gained from the paintings even if every one got sold.

Most of the galleries in Auckland are exactly like this.

My question, is that how is it, how come a person will pay someone who makes food, a plumber or a nurse or some other service – but they will never pay artists . Well most of them. Art is hard work and I include actors and musicians, the most part will not be paid well either.


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


    • Thanks so much Carol. Im glad you like them all. The art curator tore my turquoise painting of the white cockatoo to bits.
      So I put it out there to see what other people thought.
      She was pretty pedantic and Im used to people like her, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve had people buy the photos from me that she didn’t like and it doesn’t worry me.
      Really appreciate the comments people make here.