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Meet me in the garden love

Where ordinary just won’t do

I’ll give you something out of this world

When I com-mit love

My poetry’s in motion

Like comet love its sonnet love…

Every rhyme and every rhythm

Every line is an algorithm

I ain’t just talking it

I’ll be working it

I take it to the limit

I push it to the thresh

My word is bond

When off the page

it’s at your flesh…

I don’t just tell you things

I mean it from my heart

On the real

It’s the way you make me feel

Your wish is my will

At your command

my keel will seal the deal…

The perfect fit for my head

You cup runneth over

The way you light my fire

Pour more wine

You know that red,

No more flaming swords

In your eyes

I found my paradise

Poetry in motion

At that tree

There’s an ocean of love

waiting for you and for me…

Lady comet love its sonnet love

At every dawn

Again and again we’ll be born

All you gotta do

is take my hand

And meet me

In the garden…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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