Love ItLove It



Hey yo,

This is how we slay

Blind folded we play yo

Arms around the waist

Taste the air pulsate,

Song of the heart

Your heart

My heart

One beat

Words need not speak,

A melodious symphony

Tells you

Tells me

As sunshine beams in rays

The vibe is sweeter than sweet…


Say yo,

Bliss is when we play

Eyes closed from day yo

Temperatures rise in paradise,

More water

The wetter the better

Your hands

My hands

Our hands in play dough,

No limit to exhibit

Practice for perfection

Destinations where imaginations go,

The poetic romance

Pour more affections

Say you

Slay me

Making love out of clay yo…

Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil


What do you think?

Written by Bradley Tremmil


  1. It brought to mind the film Ghost for me too Bradley but I think your poem has just as much romantic fire as Unchained Melody, and the photo was a great match for this splendid poem.

    • Thank you Paul. No doubt Ghost is one of those classics that have an epic tale to it. I haven’t that movie in years. Maybe this is a sign that now is the time I ought to watch it again. Who knows what inspiration be-waits the muse!