Paracord Bracelets: OMMGUHHH What Am I Doing Wrong?

I figured I needed some sort of legitimate gig to make myself some money and I remembered a friend who made and sold paracord bracelets.

My friend does pretty good with them and the tutorials on YouTube make it look pretty easy so, I picked up a few different colors of paracord and set out to follow the instructions and make a few to sell.

Results? The first one was way too tiny. It actually would serve better as a hair scrunchy, of sorts.

Or, perhaps it would fit some little kid who wants to look cool. Way too small for any grown-ups I know.

My next one, I sold. So, I felt encouraged.

Next, a young lady ordered one of each color for herself, to give me a chance.

I blew it.

Not measuring her wrist correctly (because she left because she’s dinghy) lead me to making three of them way too big and one of them way too tiny.

But this is a learning process and those four might just do for someone else, while I work on my newest paracord bracelet habit.

This is actually kind of fun to do as I am a bit of a crafter and an artist. But those tutorial videos just go so fast. It’s almost as if the video makets forget they had to stop and learn their craft, too.

Should I fail with the bracelets, I have other options. You can make a variety of things out of paracord.

I’m thinking bullwhips would sell really well.

Are you familiar with this kind of craft?

What kinds of items do you like made from paracord?


What do you think?


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      • When I make them I measure the size and put that with the order (when I’d do online selling)….but yes a measuring tape is very helpful!

        That’s good that face to face sales works for you! I have anxiety, so it’s hard for me to try to sale mine face to face.

        • I’m sorry to hear you struggle with anxiety. I used to, too, until someone taught me that others were just as worried what I thought of them.

          Another friend gave me a gem by telling me, “What others think of you is none of your business.”

    • It’s kind of fun to work with paracord. It turns out that all sorts of cool things can be made from it.

      Some day, when I have the environment and tools I need, I will make jewelry from copper. Right now, I’m just picking up all the copper wire I can and carry it with me in my bags.


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