Open the door

Don’t you give up?

Telling beautiful life

Word is nothing

All you can do just feel it
You got a lot of bill and you got a lot of money

Its wandering around automatically

Put your head in the sky

Bless your mind to the highest sky
You got to run everyday

To fulfill your desire out of consious experience

Can we sit a few hours?

So we can choose what we deserve
Overcome your angry

You betray your own feeling

Awareness still hungry and thirsty

We gotta move it and play the song
Allright, dance with me baby

I will show you the worst dance of all time

And steal the idea in your head
Ride the mind

Ride the mind

Unlocked the door is below here

Open it carefully

And do not die baby

Stop me so i can be there

Alone in lonesome loneliness

Beg me not

I’m proud of you
The more i love you, the more make me sick

Resolve me something that i had

Swing and hang in your words

A little bit of result

Give me down

Show me how

Please me down
Find my way never been so hard

I would never change a thing

If i could save myseld
A little bit of bullshit result

Beat me down with no reason

Pride me down with no treason
Mirrors gone because of you

One more teen passed back

I am not you

Show me how
You take me away

Take it from me

The day never speak truth

I am gonna save me from sorrow
Free me right now

I gonna get my name back
I’m here from yesterday

I don’t know what to do

Since i’m living

I got nothing to think
I’m here with all the happiness and pain

Completed process of living

Love is all we need

I’m enjoying everything till die
There are places that i remember

Some have changed and some have gone

Some have live and some have died

I love you all forever
There is no one can compare us

I stop think about all negativity

Wasting activity


What do you think?

Written by Mhammd