Nobunaga Oda `japanese sengoku HERO`

Nobunaga Oda is the man who was active in the Japan of the Warring States period.

He conquered Japan.

However, he died because of his betrayal.


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Written by FUKUFUKU


  1. Nobunaga is a hero to some and a villain to others… There were rumors that he had a pact with oni or was possessed because he was considered supernaturally lucky on the battlefield. His legend has inspired several manga and at least one great painting

      • I agree with you. I love historical stories and characters from different countries, including Japan. I love great Japanese figures like Miyamoto Mushasi, General Nobunaga, Hatori Hanzo and some others which I know through books, novels or movies. Concerning Nobunaga’s heroism, you as a Japanese (I guess but I’m sure) certainly have more chances and competency in that regard.