The New Target, College Edition

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I woke up at noon, took a shower, and did some errands. I noticed that the new Target, across the street, is now open for business. So, I decided to check it out, browsing inside the building. It used to be my old 24 Hours Fitness gym, which closed down last year because the lease was up. This new Target is smaller than most Target stores, and it mostly sells student related items because it is across the street from the UC Irvine campus. I noticed a lot of red items for the photo theme at Canon Experience Center meetup. So, I took some snapshots.

I need a frame for my new photograph

Although I had taken other photos with red in them, such as my hookah still life, a beach scene by a local man-made lake, and a close-up on two red bicycles in which one had a "FREE SPIRIT" label, I decided to enlarge this Target Dog snapshot to 17 inches by 22 inches. I decided to take it diagonally in order to display more red in the photograph because red was a part of this month's photography theme. 

The Target Logo

I returned home, ate a snack, and went on the internet for a couple of minutes. Then, at 5:55 pm, I drove off to the Canon Experience Center. 

 I learned a new photography tip. In order to prevent glare on your photos, pulverize images.

Then, I returned home and lit a long white candle. Since it was broken at two areas, I had to be careful it doesn’t fall or Gumby doesn’t go near the lit candle. But the string looks sturdy. It is getting smaller. Since I drank a cup of Affogato Al Caffe, I will try to stay up until it burns all the way down. 


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