Name The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth?

You need to be told, lest you you miss it and be told when too old. What is it is the most beautiful thing on earth?

Many will argue it out and be bitter in their arguments. They will name what they may think is beautiful. Their hearts will cry out loud about what they think.

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“Surely it is a peacock!”

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“No!” says another with passion. “Money is the most beautiful thing.”

They will argue and argue, till saliva will spill out leaving their mouths dry. The search for theost beautiful thing rages on.

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“Surely am sure about this,” quips another. “It is sexuality. Being male or female.”

“I thought you meant sex. To me that is the most beautiful thing,” argues yet another.

“It is the lady that is beautiful and in fact the most beautiful,” one man shouts from the back.

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Oh my God! The debate was getting a bit heated. There was no stopping

“God must be the most beautiful of all!” Another one speaks with finality. The tirade of questions which bombarded him were unexpected. He had never anticipated this.

“Have you seen God? How does he look like? Is he male or is she female?”

Such questions surely do not have answers. I slowly sauntered from the argument and went away. Perhaps, they are still arguing. How will you help them?


What do you think?

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Written by stbrians