My strange art.

This is NEW ART EYE, the scope of this opera is to stress the concept that is necessary a new observation capacity to enter the spirit of ” My strange art”. Today we all leave into a contemporary society that has developed the highest level of Visual creation but despite this situation, we got an inflation rate by visual that has lost the attention of the public.

So now is necessary to educate the people to reconnect with the act of observing art. I ask you to try and to use your time, to read and observed the opera that I publish here. Try to relax and try to develop your observation on what you see, choose to rest on details and after a while of time choose another one, relax and observe again till you will enter into a sort of new state that I call Contemplation. If you reach this status welcome because you have developed the right skill to develop a new perspective view.You definitely developed a NEW ART EYE.

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That’s all folks from today!

Ciao from a sunny Italy!

Flavio the painter of Transformation.


What do you think?

Written by Flavio Fassio