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Mike And Carrie Watercolor

This is my brother-in-law Mike, and my niece Carrie.  I painted from a photo here and simplified the background by painting layers of color, blue, green, indigo, purple, and then pulling some of it back up in bokeh type circles.  I like the look of Carrie who always seems to have a mischievous look in her eye.  Mike always seems to have a clueless look as well. The photo made me smile and so I painted it. Here is the problem. Never paint exactly what the photo is showing you because cameras can distort things. They do a crazy foreshortening thing that doesn’t translate to photos very well. You see the far shoulder and arm look shrunken and deformed. If I had drawn them in as more normal and correct for the proportions it would have been better. After all the work I put into the painting, I couldn’t enter it in art shows because it was rejected every time. That far arm distortion ruined the picture.

Someday I may redo this picture and correct all the defects, but for now it is an example of what not to do.


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