Meeting Cat Pena

This is my original artwork.

I met Cat Pena at a time when I was at my worst – still homeless and going through the first stages of withdrawals from a synthetic opioid addiction.

I was a mess.

Ms. Pena saw me working on another drawing in a Burger King and asked me to do a few drawings for her.

She works as a waitress so she did not have much money to pay me for a drawing of her and all three of her children.

She offered me, instead, friendship, a couple of showers, clothes and a couple of good meals.

She was so beautiful and nice to a man down on his luck, I accepted.

After her drawing, sge also asked me to draw each of her three children. Great kids. I’ll be sharing those works next.

I hope you enjoy these.


What do you think?

Written by DonaldPennington