The Little Girl Without a Reflection Acrylic Painting Series

This is a series of 4 acrylic paintings that tell a story. I have my own interpretation of the story but I have heard many others from some of my viewers. I encourage you to tell me your interpretation either in the comments or in a message. I would love to hear from you!

Part 1 – Blue

In part one, the little girl is on a swing gazing off into the distance. She is probably enjoying herself, as kids should. But she doesn’t have a reflection, does she know she doesn’t have a reflection? I don’t think she does yet.

Part 2 – Red

In part two, she is making a wish on a dandelion. I’m sure many of you have made wishes on dandelions before. Here she may have noticed she doesn’t have a reflection, which may mean she isn’t a real girl. She is probably wishing for a reflection and to be real.

Part 3 – Green

In part three, she is sitting by the fence pondering something. She could contemplating where she came from, her future, or simply what she will do next for fun.

Part 4 – Yellow

In part four the girl has disappeared. This makes one ask oneself if the girl even existed at all. The yellow brings on thoughts of the sun making me think the girl was just a shadow that dissipated in the rays of the sun.

So what do you think the story is? Let me know!

These paintings are available for purchase on my Etsy shop – Brian Sloan Paintings! If you want to purchase all four contact me for a special price instead of buying them all separately!

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