No if, buts or maybe

I say thee

Tho I can call you girl

All of you is more than a woman

Lady can I call you baby

I know this may sound crazy

But if you were a car

You’d be the Rolls Royce of all,

You’d be that Mercedes

Like I said thee

No if, but or maybe

Clouds in the sky are too high

With the universe I do concur,

Down to earth right here

With all your imperfections

Its still you I too prefer

The thing about you

is how my creativity mates

On any other day

I’d rather have your milky way

Even an angel from outta space

could not compare to the way

you wear your hair

With you next to me

In a moment of levity

A metaphoric trip up to the galaxy

I promise it’ll be like ecstasy

There’s no rule of thumb

on how to be

Except what’s acceptable

between 1 and 2 boo

Especially those moments of delight

when you are you

with what comes naturally


when work is done

I like to play,

When its right to lay

More than words

is to watch the constellation shine

The vibration entwined I feel

For every silent tear you cried

Your story

would be written in the stars

Who can read it to you

like a midnight book

Who can serve hors d’oeuvres

like a chef a la cook

I could do that for you-


No if or buts

You could,

You could you that,

Would do that

for me lady

Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil