(A Bird and a Bee)

Bee: What you do me

I’m into You..

Bird: Really?

Bee: Yeah,

Into you

I’m so into you

Like rain falls in showers n’ showers

Like roses are red

And violets are flowers

I’m into you…

Bird: Oh my…why?

Bee: Tasty like cinnamon is nice

I’m into you

more than spices n’ herbs

How music my Bleu is all so true

when we dice up the verbs,

Bird I’m into you…

Bird: Oh-kay…that’s a bit odd

Bee: Yeah, some say I talk a lot

Some say I’m clever – whatever,

Some they call me

The B

The I

The double LL

The Y,

Yo come n’ jet with me…

Bird: Mxm..?

You the-B, the-i, the-ll

Tell me why should I get with you?

Bee: Listen…

By you I’m captivated

When I’m captivated I’m motivated

When I’m motivated

Everything I do

I’m all night boo,

Ain’t like no 2 noodle moo

I can go on for hours n’ hours…

Bird: Huh? You’re a bit much hey!

Bee: Say, hear me out…

See I’m into your Gucci style

Your Versace smile

Delicate yet tough at heart

Damn, the way that dress

fits perfectly on you,

What I haven’t seen in a while

is a beautiful woman with lots of honesty,

That’s mostly why

I’m so into you…

Bird: Hmmm…I’m speechless…

Bee: Don’t be, hear this,

By you I’m captivated

All so motivated

Enter my zone

for what you ain’t never known,

You my honey

I’m that bee

Capitulate the loveness up and away

Something new n’ different

money cannot buy,

Let the love fly free entangled

When you let me,

Enter into you…

Copyright © 2018         Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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