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Internal and External Effects of the Overloaded Thought

The field of consciousness  is very delicate and an overloaded thought can  affect    the sensitive  environment of that field. Similar to that more well known environment that    permeates the surface and atmosphere of the planet.   This is a watercolor on paper.


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  1. I hope your friend is getting better, The big C word is very depressing and it was probably why you drew this watercolor thinking about her or him and all the treatments to go through and also about you with helping that friend. But that watercolor is also made expressly for me as sometimes my rambling thoughts take a hold of me and I cannot stop them just as I am typing now I cannot seem to stop my fingers. But the fact remains, I really enjoy your artwork. I will never say it enough. Where do you get your inspiration from or rather which master painter inspired you the most to paint like this?

    • Thank you. I am also hoping that things will get better and the medical treatments will work. I have had a number of influence and awe of several master artists. I have to say Picasso and his friend Matisse were early favorites in my youth. And then had a focus on Van Gogh and George Gross. This was at a very early stage and then I had a whole run of enjoying art from the 1920s to the 1960s. I was also very fond illustration and comic art work. There was a whole lot of influence.

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