Home in the Sky: Artwork

Made with: Gimp

Style: Graphic Design (Romantic)

©Courtney Dutton

I made this piece using my favorite program called Gimp. I have written about it enough, I am sure you all have heard of it by now.

The bottom half of the piece I made just pink and added some stars.  On the top I added blues and purples and used a “sun ray” brush.  I wanted the top to be day and the bottom to be night (even though it is pink).

I added different brushes to give it a lot of different elements to make it feel like a family at home.  Like I stated before, I add the brushes in places that I think look good and tell a story.  I hope that the story does come through.

What do you all think of this piece?  I would love to hear your feedback (constructive of course).


What do you think?


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  1. Fantastic work Courtney! Home is definitely where the heart is and you captured it beautifully. I have used Gimp in the past, but found other software that was more appealing, but just a personal preference.
    You appear to have a good command of Gimp! Very similar to Photoshop in many respects.

    • Thank you, I have used it for quite a few years now. I learned some through tutorials, but the rest I taught myself.
      I am sure there are many other programs that are greater than Gimp, for me it’s just free and does what I want/need it to! That’s great that you found other software that is more appealing to you.

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