Gainda number 1-part 6

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For instance,

at this moment of time

she tried time-tested trick

she crept besides a tourist -big and robust,

whom she thought was really handsome.

As she positioned her butt

to his sight and legs

thinking that

it is only moments

that he would fall to her charms,

come forward

caress her back,

raise her tails,

lock his eyes

into hers

and click a million photographs

and mutter on a widespread

what a pretty cow he came across;

In her expectant reverie Milkfull

lost track of her foul cow smell

and the fact that she stood on fours

and not on twos.

Soon enough, these factors worked

and,she heard a yell and shout,”

this creep is in way of sight

oh! mama you’re a pig

for seeing clear and bright

now, in mah sight rhino is walking off

and this joke is walking in

my spent dough

is getting unspent,

here you dirt

take this and take that

and yeah more of all that”

Yelling thus, the handsome tourist

kicked the extended butt

of Milkfull so hard

and so frequently

that she had to hurry

collapsing her ramp walk

into an escape run

with pain from kicks

turning into limps.


had tears rolling down her eyes

as she jealously looked back

at the slow moving

grey monster rhino

still enjoying


and camera clicks

and not like her the stinging kicks!


Mortally hurt Milkfull thought

something had to be done

to get her completely destroyed

self esteem back.

To be continued

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.