Chief did not know

Before you go about troubling your brain in reading I want you to laugh to full extent. Check this comedy literature par excellence:



Chief did not know

that after the cab fellah

he was taken in by

the hotel manager

rather brutally

Manager had cleverly

fixed chief’s daily room rental with grub

at $35 a day

while his wages for work

were pegged at $25 a day.

So at the end of first day

chief went to Manager

that he wanted a check out

so that he could board the chug

but Manager screamed

“ÿou have outstanding to clear,

how can you go thief”;

chief could count

as well as add and subtract,

an ability that made him stand above villagers,

but like city folks he could never count far

and soon he found

he was $10 in red.

Manager kicked his ass

towards kitchen

asking him to stay

and do the utensils

for the day plus he treated

his rumple plump

with the broom that

chief was to use later

to clean.

At the end of second day

chief was in red to $20

and chief failed

to understand the long term

implications of his room rent/wages game

and this was his 5th day in city

as a bonded laborer

paying off his daily

mounting debt.

On the sixth day

chief again tried a check out

when Manager told him that he owed the hotel $60

and chief was not able to understand

he was working all day

and earning bright

as yet from where

this mounting debt

came as blight;

all he could do was slant

and eye

and look sharp

at the Manager

in whom he saw,

he had suspicions,

the elder brother

of cab driver

at that his heart shook

and scared

he retraced his steps back to

smelly kitchen

to vigorously wash utensils

still thinking

how he could escape

hotel and then city!

At the end of day 10

the debt had grown to $100

and instead of chief trying to check out

the Manager called him to reception

and caught him by collar

and shaking him screamed,”

you buffoon you owe me $100

and I cannot allow you to stay

you need to pawn some stuff

of value;chief offered his wrist watch

by the end of 17th day

chief had pawned all

and was left only

with hotel laborer’s outfit.

Still the debt was mounting

each day

and in frustration

chief thought

on 20th or 21st day

he would pawn the village

and catch a chug

clearing all dues

and with a determination

never to come back

to any city

even if it was

as near as a patty pitty!


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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