Gainda number 1-part 4

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MIlkfull mulled,

this was all in competition

to hideous and grey monsters

that too grazed along

in numbers,

much less, yet

hogging all of the attention

like starlets.

They did noting but graze like demons

and, the ground that they did

Milkfull,thought and recollected,

had to be dug in like

oil wells

to get hold of any grass left

and her teeth clattered after efforts such

they were teeth after all

and not drilling machines.

She had difficulties in mooing

for weeks after her teeth

had worked thus 

and,she had to shake

her stomach all the way to her ass

for a weak moo to pass.

Such meanies were those rhinos

of this estranged park.

To be continued

All copyrights owned. My own creation under a pseudonym.

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.