Forbidding, But Self Guiding Digital Painting

These digital paintings seem to create themselves sometimes. I just seem to be the person holding the brush/stylus. I have started calling it multiple choice painting. I don’t know where I am going with it but make one multiple choice after another.

What brush should I choose?

What size should the brush be?

What Color?

Should I add a new layer?

Above or below the current layer?

What blending mode should the layers have?

Should the contrast be changed?

Should I adjust the hues or saturation?

I continue like this until the result starts to look like something I won’t want to disown. This one turned out a little more on the dark side and appears a bit forbidding. Creating a title for something that you didn’t start out to make and is hard to identify with is sometimes the most difficult part of the process.


What do you think?


Written by Joel_Bowers

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