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Keys to the Kingdom & Foundations of the earth MAY Painting/Drawing

Welcome, Love Art Wonders Readers, Another month is coming where we bring to you the next painting or drawing for the month. I decided to...

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Crossing the Red Sea April Painting

Welcome back Love Art Wonder's readers! Now we are at the beginning of April and a few weeks ago God gave me this idea for our...

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Jesus sits on the circle of the earth MARCH PAINTING

Welcome Love Art Wonders readers, We are back with a new painting for this month of March! Honestly I didn't know what I was going to...

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A lady & Rose February Silhouette Painting

Welcome Love Art Wonders Readers, As we get ready to go into another month fresh in the New Year I know the world celebrates the...

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The Potter & the Clay 2019 DRAWING

Welcome Love Art Wonders Readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! Hope everyone had a good start to the year with fresh goals. This drawing that has...

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