Designing an Adult Coloring Book Modifying Images

In this installment of designing an adult coloring book, I am going to go into modifying an image.  In my first installment, I went into how to find public domain images on websites such as Pixabay and Openclipart.  But that is just the first step. For me, after finding the image I tend to modify it, by either removing some of the dark shadings from it or adding more detail as with the examples I gave here the one on top is my modification and the one below is the way I originally found it.

I do this for two reasons, first, although these websites claim to be public domain in their terms and conditions there is disclaimers about the fact that this may not always be the case.  This is a way I am not a fan of taking the image of an actual person from either website, this one is definitely a slippery slope and something I will never do.  With illustrations a little more leeway but good idea to try to make it more your own.

Another reason is everyone can take from these websites so line art I am getting someone else is getting as well, so again want to change it up a bit.  In these cases also making it a bit more intricate using MS Paint a program that Microsoft supplies us with when buying one of their computers or laptops I will go into my experiences using that program in my next installment.


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