Defining Your Photography Style, Part 1

Monday, 3.4.19, 7 pm

I checked out another Canon Workshop, where photographer Benny Chiu of BYC Photography talked about Defining One’s Photography Style.

Style has to do with creating fine art photographs as well as light/airy, dark/moody, and classic/traditional themes and scenes. Such photographs are visual arts that reflect the photographer’s personality.

Steps to Creating Own Photographic Style:

  • Research Online
  • Take WPPI Classes (Wedding & Portrait Photography & Filmmakers International)
  • Sensory Overload of information can lead to confusion.
  • Dig deeper to find your true passions, dislikes/likes, and experiences and skills.
  • Who influenced you in your childhood? Did you take art lessons? Did you enter art contests? Did you use photography as a creative outlet? Did you document your adventures with a camera?
  • To become a full-time photographer, go to photography classes and expos. Consider becoming a photographer’s assistance, or maybe the 3rd photographer for a wedding. Ask a Master Photographer to mentor you.
  • Networking
  • WPPI Print Competition
  • The must-have lenses are 50mm, 70mm, and 75mm.
  • It is important to learn to shoot in manual mode, and rely on your intuition to make your own decisions. Use flash if needed.
  • It is better to shoot in full color and full raw so that you can do prints in color as well as black and white.
  • Create composition that tells a story.


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