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Cool Instagrammers ~ ART: Meet Katrina Pallon

Katrina Pallon: I very much enjoy Asian art and the Asian influence on the styles of various artists.  This lady graduated from the University of the Philippines and she is very popular in the Philippine art scene.  If she continues to expand her presence via social media, and elsewhere on the web, she will be just as popular on the global scene.  Ms. Pallon is an accomplished visual artist. Words used to describe her style could be … exotic, ethereal, mystical, breathtaking.  Her work consists of distinctive paintings and drawings which reflect the essence of the Far East, and the exquisiteness of Pan-Asian culture.

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#4 #wip of “The Fool”. I read that it represents beginnings, innocence, …

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#wip of "The Fool". I read that it represents beginnings, innocence, free spiritedness, and travel. If that is the case, especially given the last meaning, this is an apt card/ piece to work on while overseas. ♠️

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#5 An attempt at painting an architectural structure (sort of). …

#7 Detail of my painting for “Silk Road”: A fishbowl as one of the lanterns. …


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